Society Rules

  1. The SOCIETY shall be called the "YARROW & ETTRICK PASTORAL SOCIETY".
  2. The objects of the society shall be:-
    (i). Improvement of the Breed of Sheep, Cattle, Horses & other animals, and in particular the encouragement of the production and maintenance of the breed of Cheviot & Blackfaced sheep.
    (ii). To encourage the breeding and training of Hunters suitable for the Border District.
    (Iii). To encourage efficiency in the practice of home baking, butter making and cookery, the making of household & domestic articles and generally to take such action as will popularise and brighten the amenities of rural life in the most homely and least expensive way.
    (iv). To hold a Show or Shows annually within the society's district, and to offer premiums for
    (v). The diffusion of information and discussion on matters affecting pastoral and agricultural  interests, and the extension of social intercourse among members.
    (vi). To institute enquiry, to promote reforms, and to assist members of kindred Societies in prosecuting or defending legal or other proceedings in matters relating to agriculture or livestock, and for that matter to make such contributions form the funds as the members may appoint.
    (vii). Such other objects connected with agriculture and horticulture and the promotion of the interests of members as may be approved of from time to time at General meetings of the Society.
  3. The district of the Society shall embrace the Parishes of Yarrow, Ettrick, Kirkhope, Ashkirk and Selkirk, including the Burgh of Selkirk.
  4. The General meeting of the Society shall be held annually in February; and the Annual Show in September, on a date to be fixed at the General Meeting. A committee of Management shall be appointed each year, at the General Meeting-five members to form a quorum, inclusive of office bearers.
  5. Members annual subscriptions, £10; Shepherds & Cottagers, £7. Contributors of £10 and upwards residing outside the district of the Society, or in the Burgh of Selkirk, shall be eligible for membership.
    Members whose subscriptions and entry money have not been paid at time of entry will not be allowed to compete.
  6. Life Membership is secured by a single payment of £150 to the Life Membership secretary.
  7. Entries must be made two clear weeks before the show.
  8. All stock, etc., exhibited must have been the property of the exhibitors for three months previous to the show, except where stated "No Restrictions" in the Prize List. Field & Garden Produce must have been grown in the field or garden of the exhibitor. Window Plants must have been in possession of the Exhibitor for six weeks previous to the show.
  9. Tups may be fed throughout the year at the discretion of the Exhibitor.
  10. Tup Lambs must have been bred and reared on the hill, but they may be spained and brought in from the hill, on or after the 1st of August, and fed at the discretion of the Exhibitor from then till the show.
  11. All sheep must have been clipped on or after the first day of June preceding the Show. Tups may be clipped on or after the 8th of April. Cheviots in their new wool.
  12. All rams shown, except such as are home bred, must be used in the Show District during the whole of the ensuing season, unless they have been so used in a previous season.
  13. The committee shall have the power at any the to call upon an exhibitor to furnish proof that the stock exhibited by him has compiled with the above rules.
  14. The Judges are empowered to withhold or modify the prize money where they consider the exhibits are not of sufficient merit, especially where there is limited competition.
  15. The Judges' decision is final and indisputable.
  16. All protests must be lodged in writing with the secretary before 4PM., and shall be dealt with by the protest committee (whose decision will be final), at the conclusion of the judging, each protest to be accompanied by a deposit of £10, which shall be forfeited if the committee consider the Protest frivolous.
  17. The Society will not hold itself responsible for any accident that may befall any stock exhibited.
  18. All stock to be penned by 9 a.m. on the morning of the show, and no stock to be removed before 4 p.m. No prize money will be given if this rule is infringed.
  19. The secretary will supply tickets of admission  to persons in charge of stock. Members and donors will also be supplied with free tickets. No one without a ticket will be admitted to the judging ring. No dogs allowed in the judging rings. No passes will be issued to exhibitors in any section unless the entry money amounts to £10 or upwards. The yard will be open for exhibitors to stage their exhibits up to 9:00a.m., when it will be cleared, and everybody without a ticket charged at the intimated rates of admission.
  20. Shepherds will have the right to show their masters' Ewe Lambs off their own hirsel, provided either they or their masters are Members, and they comply with class conditions and regulations.
  21. It shall not be competent to dissolve the Society so long as it is in possession of any funds or capital apart from the subscriptions of members, and in no event shall it be dissolved without the consent of three-fourths of the members.
  22. Any member who has not resigned his membership in writing before the 1st December shall be liable for the Annual Subscription for that year.
  23. No alteration can be made on these rules except at the general meeting of the Society held on second Thursday in February.